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Looking for the original and best high-protein smoothie on the planet? You’ve found us! Oh, and we also sell ice cream.

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Living Letters
Living Letters
June 1, 2021by Leisa Nelson0
Writing a letter is intentional; it is taking the time and the effort to communicate and share a part of someone’s life.  It wasn’t that long ago (really only a little over twenty-five years ago) that we began getting email addresses and cell phones, which made communication instant.
Fear of the Deep
Fear of the Deep
July 18, 2021by Petressa Israel0
I have a fear of the deep. It’s not an irrational fear. It’s a fear that causes hesitation. It’s a fear of being unraveled and exposed, laid bare and known. People that know me, only know me to a certain depth and trust plays a key role in how deeply anyone can go. I think that comes from childhood and has become intensified by trauma. I tend to live in the shallow places, where only small parts of who I am are visible. It’s safer there…there’s always a quick escape. It’s easier to have a life full of casual acquaintances than to have deep meaningful relationships. The deep with both people and God requires investment unlike the shallow that costs nothing at all. I would rather not be seen, and I would rather not be heard or known. There’s only one problem with all of this. It’s not Christ like.
July 5, 2021by Britt Silcox0
Do you have categories of prayers? Surely I’m not the only one. You know, there are the “all-through-the-day” little prayers you whisper just to keep the wheels on the tracks. And then there are the BIG, BOLD prayers that are the faith-filled requests you ask when your mind is not on yourself or your immediate needs. I like to call the latter ones my “big-girl” prayers because they feel so different (but aren’t we glad Jesus hears them both)!