Love, Dee

June 3, 2021by Dee Robbins0

Dear Sister,


We’ve all had that moment right, where in cleaning out our closet we stumble across a box and inside it is our high school yearbook. For me, like I’m sure for a lot of you as well, was a jog down memory lane. My goodness what was I wearing back then??? I’m not sure if signing yearbooks was a thing when you graduated, but it was for us! I find it funny to go back and read all the wishes and proclamations people made back in the day. It’s amazing to see how people change or not change! Or to see where they are, or at least where Facebook or Instagram tells me where they are in life.

I can remember that moment, sitting in my closet, yearbook open, reminiscing about all the heartaches, failures, and good times. I asked myself “What would Deaira tell herself back in high school?” 3 kids, 3 states and a lifetime of lessons, what advice do I have for her. You wouldn’t have to look to hard in my yearbook to find it.


Lesson #1 Spend less time trying to please people, and more time trying to please the ONE who matters. I spent way too much time worrying about what others thought of me, trying to please everyone. I think it’s something all ladies struggle with to a degree, but my spiritual walked deepened immensely when I discovered and believed that I am already approved and loved by my Heavenly Father. I spent too much time trying to make up who others thought I should be rather than discovering who HE already created me to be.


Lesson #2 Invest in the ones who are invested in you. Place a premium on intentional, high functioning, accountable relationships. And learn that quality is so much better than quantity. Majority of the people who wrote in my yearbook I’ve not seen since, and that’s ok. So don’t confuse many friends for the right friends. Surround yourself with people who challenge you. Relationships that give you permission to take the mask off ,and when you do it wont end up on someone’s news feed, are invaluable. Invest in the ones who want to invest in you.


Looking back, I’ve learned and changed a lot. But who I am today was molded by the lessons and experiences that I’ve gone through. Each one of us has a past, but we also have a future, a future full of destiny and purpose! Ask God to help you see yourself as HE sees you and invest in the most important relationship-your relationship with HIM!


Dee Robbins

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