Love, Deliska

Dear Sister,

I don’t consider myself a wise woman. I’ve got at least another 10 years before I enter that category. But, I have been waiting to tell this person a thing or two and I feel well qualified to speak into her life. She has had it coming. When I was asked to do it, I thought to myself, “This is it! I’m gonna let her have it. I’m more informed, I’ve endured some things and I feel prepared for this conversation.” So, join me as I speak to younger Deliska. This should be good.

First of all, I just have to tell you, your stubbornness is a roadblock now, but once you give your life over to God completely, this quality is gonna serve you well. The terms will change to determination and resoluteness, but the truth remains, God placed this and so much more inside of you. Yielded to the Father, all those traits you thought were holding you back will be channeled for HIS glory. Just wait and see. With that said, there are few things you are going to have to completely let go of. They just don’t belong in your future.

Let go of anger – over what people have done to you. It is debilitating and only hurts you. They moved on a long time ago. Free yourself from that prison. Walk away from the anger and issue them forgiveness. Nope, they don’t deserve it, but you do.

Let go of worry – over what people think. You care, you fret, you wring your hands… they went to bed hours ago. Cast your cares upon Him and LEAVE IT there at His feet.

Let go of anxiety – over what bad things MIGHT happen. You are a child of the King and this is not the life He wants for you. You say you trust Him. If you mean it, you will do the trust fall right into His arms. Side note: of all the things you have toiled over, only about 10% of those actually turned out to be a thing. Letitgo….

Let go of judgment – you spend too much time judging what you don’t understand or cannot control. God didn’t give you this role. He used the example of the writing in the sand to show you that you cannot sit in the seat of judgment because you need His forgiveness as well. Instead of saying, “I cannot believe she is doing that!” Say, “Father, help my friend to see you, hear your voice and turn to you now.” That is all you need to do.

Be intentional about building a life of prayer. Let it be the main thing, not just some “thing” that you do. You will always have the option of leaning on friends, on your spouse, on your kids or on your pastors. But God wants you to lean on Him. Pray first, pray often, and pray knowing that your prayers are going to produce supernatural results.

Be intentional about building a Christ-centered household. It is so easy to just have a house, with a family, that looks like all the others around you. You can turn the TV on and measure your family against their model all day long. But God called you to raise the standard. He called you to keep Christ at the center of your house. And despite the fact that it is SO hard sometimes, do not, I repeat, DO NOT give up! Your children are going to look back on their childhood and remember the table times, the times in the yard, the times you made them delete the apps, and they are going to appreciate all you did… eventually… one day. Even when you don’t feel like it’s worth the fight (I know, you get tired sometimes!) keep your household centered in Christ.

Be intentional about loving your family. You don’t know this yet, cause you’re young and arrogant, but your Mom is a ROCKSTAR. She knows so much and although you are annoyed by it, she has such wisdom to impart. But, as families go, you don’t see the true value of your siblings and you even take extended family for granted. I implore you, stop now. Quit trying to be right and just love them where they are. It’s worth it. It’s not perfect, but nothing ever is with families. They are messy and frustrating at times, but they are the same ones who will help you change a flat tire and pick up your dirty socks and underwear. Trust me, you can’t get that many other places.

Be intentional about your relationship with HIM. If you will use this as your plumb line, you cannot go wrong. You will face adversity and you will go through valleys. Some days it will rain, even on you. But, if your relationship with Him is active, intact and vibrant, honey, there is nothing you cannot do in this life. You will overcome, you will succeed and you will thrive.

Now, before I finish, I have to add a few more things. Ditch the pantyhose, God did not make those. Wear the comfy sweatshirt, you look beautiful no matter what you are wearing. I almost forgot to mention, your hair is gonna turn really gray, really fast. Embrace it… it means you’re a survivor (que the Reba song or the Destiny’s Child song, your pick). Finally, I love you. I don’t say it enough, but you need to hear it. I love you, always have, always will.



Deliska Lombard

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