A City//Pt. 1

A City//Pt. 1

This past Sunday Pastor Sunday Pastor Leisa shared a powerful word with our Rock Congregation entitled “A City Filled With Willing Vessels”. It was such a rich timely word that we wanted to chew on it even further on our She Declares blog, especially for those of you who did not get a chance to hear it. Let the words get down deep in your spirit and remind you how truly significant you are and that you have been called to be a shining light, declaring Worth to those around you.

A City Filled With Willing Vessels//Part One – Pastor Leisa Nelson


 “We who walk with God must be considered as living in the full consciousness that the eye of our Maker is always on us; that we cannot take a single unobserved step, nor do the least thing that escapes Divine notice. When we consider walking with God is an ever active consciousness of God’s presence, there are hardly words to describe the holiness and desire to walk in HIS ways . If we have the conviction that God is always at our side, then we will be the same in public and in private. Walking with God denotes a complete fixing of our affections “on things that are above.” We have both our head and our heart in heaven.”

-Dr Henry Melville

 God asks nothing of us which it is not just for our present as well our as future. How we live now determines our eternity and how we will spend it.  How we respond to a broken world, and humanity crying out for hope determines how they will spend it! But how much do we share the hope that we have?

There are usually two types of people when it comes to sharing a message with someone. Some of you are the type to see someone at the store purchasing a product that you use at home and because you know that product did not work for you, you boldly share your word of caution with them. And there are others in that same scenario that feel the urge to warn but can’t get the words past our mouth.

We can’t forget that we have the answer the world is searching for! But we are called to respond and share the truth and power of the gospel with those around us. It may seem like a daunting task but the Lord has empowered us to walk in that which he has required of us.

Most of the early memories that I have of my mother are of her interceding in her bedroom, early mornings, as she was getting ready for school. She was a school teacher for over 50 years which was probably why she was interceding (and I always thought she was praying heaven down for the world….)

But she always sang while she ironed.  She was a master at ironing by the way. She was raised in the era where they ironed everything-my dad’s t-shirts and handkerchiefs, the sheets, fitted and flat, each pillow case, all of our cloth dinner napkins, etc etc.  Somehow God gave us what seemed like a 30 hour Saturday! We were up early to clean the church, and sometimes she was giving a baby or wedding shower of which she would do all décor, prepare the food….. then it was back home to clean our house, change sheets, do laundry and iron….. then she would grade papers for the next week and study and prepare the lesson for her adult Sunday school class. Whew! Saturday was always a preparation for Sunday and the upcoming week so the ironing board become her worship post.  The songs she sang the most were scripture songs, songs penned from the and they are permanently branded in my spirit. One of them was:

“He has shown you Oh Man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you…..but to do Justly and to Love mercy, and to Walk Humbly with your God…”

 This song is taken directly from:

                                           Micah 6:8-9 NIV   CJB

8       He has shown you-Human being, HE has acknowledged, announced, answered, and declared to you….you have already been told what is good, agreeable, beneficial, beautiful, and prosperous.  And what does the LORD require of you, What does HE seek, What does HE desire-what can ADONAI demand of you-(the Hebrew says-when I allow myself to be questioned and inquired of by God?) WHAT IS GOD ASKING OF ME? To act and do justly and to love grace and mercy and to walk humbly IN PURITY with our God.

9       Listen! The VOICE OF ADONAI –THE LORD is calling to the city—HE CALLS TO THIS CITY- IT IS WISDOM TO FEAR HIS NAME…..

So as his city, what are we required to do? Join us again tomorrow as we first learn what it means to ACT JUSTLY. And consider this: How will you respond to the broken world around YOU. In some instances there is a response that God has called you to bring forth and in others he wants you to use what seems mundane and everyday to be a place of worship and intercession.

Be Blessed today!


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