A Grateful Glimpse

A Grateful Glimpse

By Paulette Dickerson

We have come to the close of this month set apart for grateful hearts. For so many of us, our grateful hearts have also experienced profound loss and sadness. So I wanted to take a moment to put a few words together that might express our thankfulness in having had the blessing of profound greatness touch our lives.

Most of you know that we recently lost our very beloved and talented children’s pastor, David Smith. He was truly a creative phenomenon and an unyielding force for The Kingdom. He was a husband, and father to an incredible family. But for literally thousands of children, he was a tangible voice and image of Father. He was, for so many children, a larger than life piece of “here on earth as in it is in heaven.”

This mama is grateful that all of the children who encountered Pastor David Smith encountered Father. But, this mama is also a little extra grateful (inexpressibly grateful) that her own children learned Father up close and personal. They knew Father as encourager. They knew him as the greatest cheerleader you could ever know. They also got to know Father as compassionate corrector and disciplinarian. They came to know Father as creative wonder and the one who knew seemingly everything!

If you knew Pastor Dave, even a little, I promise that our heavenly Father was giving you a glimpse of Himself. I am so very grateful that we were lead to a body that loves Father and the ones He loves enough to invest in children the way they do. I am so grateful that my children had the amazing opportunity to serve and be taught by him. But his legacy, his mantle does not stop because he is now with our King.

More numerous than the stars in the sky are those his mantle will touch. And I believe it will be multiplied to rest upon many. Pastor Dave’s children…..Brittany, David and Jonny…… To know them is an experience in being pushed a little closer into a lane that Jesus prepares for us all. But there are so many countless ones that come next. Can you even imagine? SO many that have been taught by him. So many inspired by him! The seeds and the harvest are too numerous to count.

So we say, thank you. Thank you Father for sending glimpses of Yourself into our lives. Our finite minds see this breath of time as far too short. But You….. You know. We do not question. We do not try to reason. We trust you. And we say thank you……….


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