A Love Note

A Love Note

By M. Williams

I have seen where you have been.

I was with you in the great unknown.

Those nights you spent crying? I was there. I have gathered up every tear and turned each into a song. Just as you cracked open the alabaster jar and poured out all you had for me, so have I poured out my blood for your salvation and my spirit for your sanctification. I see you looking at the mirror and wishing you looked like someone else. But all I see is a pure heart. A reflection of Myself.
I gave everything so you can know what you mean to me. I have fashioned and illumintated you beyond what your flesh can see. I have felt that pain you feel on the way to make you whole. I became broken for you so you can be made whole. The very pit of hell could not stop my love for you my daughter.
When My Father was making everything, He modeled you after His very self. When God inspired Solomon to write the Song of Songs, it was you He was thinking of. Your worth is greater than your mind can fathom. I gave it all for you so that you could become WHOLE with Me.

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