| El Rachum: God of Compassion |

| El Rachum: God of Compassion |

As women we are distinctly wired with an ability to care for people and to show empathy. Natural compassion emerges when we see people treated unfairly or in need of a rescue.

Supernatural compassion is required to love people who do not appear to deserve it. But our God is all-knowing and can see the end game. He knows what He has destined for people despite their current choices. When we tap into His heart for others, we are able to respond to their needs as the Spirit leads instead of reacting in our own humanity.

As benefactors of this supernatural compassion in our own lives we should seek the Heart of God to find that same grace for others. Let’s follow the example of our God of Compassion and be thankful that His mercies far surpass our own understanding!

Psalm 103: 8
“The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.”

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