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SHE Declares

REST Pt. 3

By Pastor Vicki Elliot #3 "I have trust issues,..." This one is all too common, today, with so many people wounded by broken promises, broken relationships, and broken families. Skepticism [...]

REST Pt. 2

By Pastor Vicki Elliot #2 " But I've got so much to do,..." Oh yeah, most of us know this really well.   We know busyness is the thief of [...]

REST Pt. 1

By Pastor Vicki Elliot Rest What an elusive word for most people (and particularly ladies) that I know!   After all, we use the words on graves, "Rest in peace," [...]

Serving God

By Pastor Ruth Nelson “Whoever serves me must follow me; And where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.” John 12:26 [...]

Spiritual Naps

By Pastor Jenny Erlingsson Spiritual Naps "My plans, my thoughts...are endless...over you."  The words were sung so beautifully over me as I awoke. Surprise turned into the sweetest of smiles [...]

Come Away

From "She is Redeemed" Conference Devotional Come Away Don’t you just love weddings?  For over forty years now, my husband and I have counseled with couples as they prepare for [...]


By Pastor Vicki Elliot Sometimes the most powerful thing we can share is our testimony of how Jesus has changed us because people relate to authenticity. So let me share [...]

Perfect Womanhood

By Pastor Ruth Nelson Once made perfect, (Christ) became the source Of eternal salvation for all who obey him. Hebrews 5:9 You are truly the perfect woman.   Others may bring [...]

There is no one Like Him

From "She is Redeemed" Conference Devotional There Is No One Like Him “No one is like you, the Name of the Lord is Great and full of power” (Jeremiah 10:6). [...]


From "She is Redeemed" Conference Devotional Fingerprints are the tiny ridges and patterns that are formed on the tip of each human’s finger from pressure on developing fingers in the [...]

You Are His

By Pastor Jenny Erlingsson You Are His She gets me every time. In the most chaotic and quietest of moments~it sometimes happens right after she’s woken up, and the residue [...]

Alive in Me

By Pastor Kim Aube We have all had experiences that made us feel truly alive! But often those are few and far between when walking through difficult seasons. Feeling alive is [...]