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SHE Revolution is a living, breathing movement- Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Friends. A sisterhood, and a community seeking after Him, “TO BE CAPTURED BY HIM!” It is a movement birthed 20 years ago out of the heart of HIS daughters, seeking Him for identity, freedom, healing, and for His Kingdom to be seen and heard. We are a company of women, championing one another. SHE is all around you; your family, your neighbor, your co-worker, the waitress serving you or checking you out at the grocery store. SHE is right in front of you, and YOU may hold the KEY to her finding HIM…….

So, grab the hands of the women around you, young and old, because we need each other. Whether in the midst of chaos or stepping fully into victory, we are stronger when we stand shoulder to shoulder and walk out life together.

Pastor Leisa Nelson

Always in Him,
Pastor Leisa Nelson

We will be like...

DEBORAH…and judge with righteousness and truth

RUTH…forsake all to be faithful and committed

HANNAH…with fervency, make our petitions known

ABIGAIL…and walk in obedience in the face of the enemy

ESTHER…and stand chosen for such a time as this

MARY the mother of JESUS…and do whatever HE tells us to do

MARY MAGDALENE…always breaking our box to pour out

LYDIA…supporting the ministry with our gifts

And as ANNA…staying consistent in prayer until we see HIM

SHE is… Seeking HIS Embrace

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