The Call of Obedience

The Call of Obedience

By Caitlyn Tripp

What is your first reaction when God calls you to something? Do you shrink back? Or do you rise up to the occasion? Do you list all of the reasons that you aren’t able to do what He’s calling you to do? Do you try to disqualify yourself and take yourself out of the game, telling the coach about all your injuries that you received in the first game?

For many of us, our mindsets have changed from knowing that we are able (because God is on our side) to believing that all of our past mistakes disqualify us from ever being able to be used be God. We have exchanged His truth for a lie. We have gone from believing that we can do it all through to believing the lie that says we are no longer worthy of being used by Him.

When I think about being disqualified, I think of Moses and the Lord calling him at the burning bush. Moses’ first question wasn’t if the Lord was good enough to keep His promise of delivering the Israelites. It wasn’t how would God do it. Moses’ first thought  was not that the Lord was fully confident of his ability to use Moses as a tool to deliver His people. Moses doubted himself. He could only see  himself and his inability. But the Lord sees so much more……. He didn’t see Moses’ stuttering past. The Lord saw the potential in Moses. The promise. The potential that would only come out if Moses allowed God to work through him.

It is time to look past ourselves and our ability. It is time to see God’s ability to work through us. He doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called. When we shift our perspective from ourselves and our own shortcomings and look to the Lord from whom  our abilities come from, we will recognize that it was never our ability in the first place.  It has always been Him. Lean on Him today. Choose to say yes. Say YES to where he’s calling you. He doesn’t call us based on our abilities. He calls us and qualifies us based on our obedience.

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