By Pastor Priscilla Wright

It matters not what others think or say, what really matters is at the end of the day – what you hear me say! It matters not what you did or did not do – what matters most is that you know “I really do love you.”

It matters not if your books, cd’s or ideas did not sell, as long as you hear me say, “daughter you’ve done your job quite well!” “Well done my good and faithful servant” are the words you want to hear from my Son. You’ve finished your course. You kept the faith, daughter. You had a good run! You weren’t popular or made known all over the world, but in my eyesight you are still papa’s “pretty little girl.” So stay in your lane and don’t look for fame – just make sure that all you do, you do it “in my name.” Never envy another’s accomplishments and feel intimidated, I have a purpose for you as well in the very day that you were created. I know you feel rejected but you must change your perception and realize your season of “aloneness” has been your covering and protection.  Oh! If you only knew how I’ve been sheltering you, I’m far from being through – I have a plan to make all things new!  I kept you back from things forbidden; it is I that has kept you hidden. I say to you today allow me to rid your soul of regret and resentment; I was teaching you how to trust me and live a life of peace and contentment. Some people you couldn’t connect with, some positions and offers you could not take, some deals you could not make, some places you couldn’t go, because it would have hindered your growth and “stopped your flow!”  Yes, I did it! Some doors I didn’t allow you to go through because it would have been your demise it would have only corrupted you.  I want to give you an “exceedingly abundantly blessing,” so understand my daughter; I had to take you through this time of testing. An “eyes have not seen ears have not heard” blessing on your life, anything else just wouldn’t suffice!  I’ve invested a “treasure chest” in you; you are amongst the “chosen few.” So stop trying to compete and looking for recognition, just make sure wherever you’re at in life that I have placed you in that position. Be comfortable in your own skin; believe me daughter, it will be your protection over the “seven deadly sins.”  It’s not how much you’re idolized or criticized on any social media, as long as you remain faithful to my purposes allowing me to be your leader. You may be scorned and rejected and esteemed little in some people’s sight but “be ye always steadfast and unmovable” I will carry you through the night. This night season that you are in that seemingly has no ending, but how can you remain in this undone state when it’s on me you are depending?  Just “trust and obey” when the perils of life have you down, just keep looking unto the hills and know in your heart that I’m taking you to “higher grounds.” I haven’t forgotten nor forsaken you and I know there are some things you just don’t understand, but trust me my precious daughter your papa has a “plan.” To bring you to your “expected end” and give you total consolation, just continue to worship me and I’m going to restore unto you the joy of your salvation. Just remain faithful daughter over a “few” things because in my eyesight a few things is not as little as it may seem!



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